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Film Threat review:


In the late 1960s, a stuntman wanders into Spahn Ranch and thoroughly convinces one of its long-haired residents to fix a vehicle for him. No, dear reader, I’m not describing a scene from Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. I’m describing a scene from the real life of Gary Kent, the subject of a new and wonderfully titled documentary, Danger God, directed by Joe O’ Connell. Now that’s something you have embroidered on the back of a leather jacket...

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DG Gold smaller.jpeg

Danger God (aka Love and Other Stunts) premiered

April 6 at Cinema Wasteland in Strongsville, Ohio.

We also screened:

Alamo Drafthouse-Village in Austin, Texas.

Tucson Terror Fest

Central Texas Film Society

Alamo Drafthouse-Phoenix

Cult Classic Convention


Gary and director Joe O'Connell talk on Fox 7's Good Day Austin about the documentary.


What the Cinema Wasteland audience said:

"One of the best documentaries about a single person I have ever seen. Hats off to director Joe O'Connell for giving us a love letter to a man who manages to touch anyone's heart that he comes in contact with."--Douglas Waltz, Divine Exploitation

"A beautiful film."-- Scott Edwards, author of Quintessential Jack: The Art of Jack Nicholson on Screen.

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