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Despite losses, Gary Kent is doing great at 88

It's been a tough time for the Danger God family. Three stuntmen/filmmakers featured in our film--Chuck Bail, Bud Cardos and Don Jones--have died. We also lost the revered director Richard Rush. That's Gary Kent on the left above when we visited Bail at his North Texas home in 2019.

How's Gary doing? Great. After a year in Arizona, he moved back to Austin, Texas, where he lives with his son Chris. He's active, spends his time writing/reading and is still acting.

Gary did double duty in Joe O'Connell's followup film Rondo and Bob, about Texas Chain Saw Massacre art director Robert Burns and his obsession with cult actor Rondo Hatton. Gary appears both as himself talking about his late friend Burns as as a World War I doctor who diagnoses Hatton with acromegaly.

Gary joined us on the film festival tour for Rondo and Bob as we went to Horrible Imaginings in California, Texas Frightmare in Dallas, Hot Springs Horror Film Festival in Arkansas, Houston Horror Film Festival and Tucson Terrorfest. The film will have a wide streaming release in June 2022.

If you have any questions for Gary, we're happy to pass them along.


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